Thornwood Cabinetry is a small custom cabinet shop. Despite our name, however, we focus primarily on restoration, remodeling, new construction, and deck building, as well as providing the highest quality cabinetry and woodwork.

Our business philosophy is not unique or complicated. It can be summed up in two ideas.

First; We take pride in everything we do. We approach every project with a fresh eye (as no building, site, or space, is the same as the next). We will never tell you it can't be done... It can always be achieved with a creative outlook. We are always searching for better products, better methods and better results. We won't compromise on integrity, and no corners will be cut.

Second; You are the most important part of the equation. Whether your priority is that there is minimal impact on your living space, completion by a certain date, or cost is the most important factor, we will share the same priority. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way, and our commitment to you is not limited to the finished product. If you are not happy at the end of a day, then neither am I, and my job is not done.

A business that cares is one that thrives. We take pride in every step of the project.

Dominic Petroccione
Owner of Thornwood Cabinetry